“I was sufferring from cervical disc bulge and shoulder pain and formication numbness in right arm.since 6 months.
I am a bank employee and have to sit for longer duration and due to pain i was unable to do my daily work.
i took all treatments but was not getting relief.
But my friend suggested me to undergo acupressure acupuncture.
And in ten sittings i got relief from pain.
Now i can continue my work painfree.
Thank you dr.”

Mrs surekha jain


“I am 57 years old female sufferring from varicose veins since 10 years.
I was having severe leg pain while walking.
I was suggested to undergo surgery
But last option i tried acupuncture and i got pain relief without any side effects.”

Mrs Gurav


“I am 29 years old guy with severe migraine.
i tried everything but was having serious problem.
I tried acupuncture as i saw programme in tv show.
with 10 sittings my pain gone and i can manage my routine well.
thank you.”


Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment

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